Blurred Headshots

An aspect of photography that I am drawn to, as you can see in my first Edition, is the action shot—where a subject is slightly blurred, and the grain is noticeable. This was born out of my appreciation of the work of Jacques Henri Lartigue, the French photographer whose book of photos, Diary of a Century, permanently sits on my desk. His technique always seemed to barely and effortlessly capture compelling moments.

In the following sketches, I wanted to try and push that aesthetic. I started by lifting the Polaroid headshots of some of the world's most recognizable fashion models, before they were famous, and move them to the limits of recognizability. You can see who's-who by rolling over each image; if you click on the image, it will link out to the original photo. Bonus points if you know who they are beforehand (though one is easy).


Miranda Kerr


Adrianna Lima