In the forward to his collection of essays, The Second Tree from the Corner, E.B. White says that his book is a “sentimental journey to the scenes of my crime.” That's what this is. In fact, I almost named this collection, “The Scenes of My Crime.” I documented various things I had experienced or seen over the last two years, but focused on showcasing things as I experienced them; nothing is meant to be taken any deeper than what is there. Of course there were deeper things going on in my life at the time—like anyone else—but those don't factor into these stories. What follows is the best of the bricolage, dressed up and presented without any consideration to the order of it.

The image interludes were taken on either a Sony RX-100 or my Apple iPhone 6—both cameras that allow for an in-the-moment, point-and-shoot style of photography. For a better look, click on each to enlarge them.

Anyway, that's enough of this.