Selected Works

All the work within was created over the last ten years at three advertising agencies in New York City—Deutsch NY, Euro RSCG (now Havas Worldwide), and Grey New York. My role on each project is defined under the work. I currently work as an Global Associate Design Director at IBM Interactive Experience in New York City (a full resume can be found at the bottom of this page). Any new project will be added upon completion.



Nobody knows eggs better than Bacon


Kevin Bacon, that is. In the spring of 2015, I was responsible for the art direction of a viral advertising campaign for the American Egg Board starring everyone's favorite first degree. 


Selected Press


Kevin Bacon Does Ads for Eggs, Because What Goes Better With Eggs Than Bacon? 
American Egg Board finds its perfect endorser
Watch Kevin Bacon Fulfill His Destiny in This Bizarre Egg Ad (TIME)
Nothing goes better with eggs than a side of Kevin Bacon (Mashable)
Kevin Bacon Finally Made an Ad for Eggs (New York Magazine)
Kevin Bacon Stars in Genius Commercial for Eggs (Complex)

Art Direction
Director: Martin Granger
Creative Directors: Jay Hunt, Pete Gosselin, Ari Halper (Executive Creative Director), Steve Krauss (Executive Creative Director), Brad Mancuso, Susan LaScala Wood
Agency: Grey New York


Keeping Women Strong


When someone you love is in the hospital, it can be a scary thing. When they are being treated at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Magee-Womens Hospital, you can be sure they are receiving the best treatment possible.


Mrs. Hollaway has had three surgeries in the last two years at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC. Thanks to the care she received, the backbone of this family has now gotten her strength back.


The Romanos' son was born two months early. But, after being expertly cared for in the Magee NICU for 21 days, this new father now has his best friend healthy and back at home.


Chelsea was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at just 18 years old. With the support of her family and the largest cancer treatment program in the region, she is now cancer free. 

Concept & Art Direction
Director: Garbiella Cowperthwaite
Copywriter: Emily Goldenberg
Creative Directors: Ron Castillo (Executive Creative Director), Jan Egan (Executive Creative Director), Fred Liedtke & Patricia Kendall
Agency: Grey New York


Sea Food Differently


In July 2011 I was hired to help grow the digital and social business of Red Lobster. From having virtually no social presence, I was able (with copywriter Emily Goldenberg) to grow their engagement rates to over 1000%.


Case Study Video
A digital case study featuring many of the initiatives that were created for the brand.


Cheddar Bay Biscuit Prank
Over the course of two years we did some fun work, like this April Fool's Day prank where we threatened to take away the beloved Cheddar Bay Biscuits. We learned that we shouldn't even joke about taking away the biscuits.


Lobsterfest Integrated Promotion
While I am very proud at how well we were able to integrate digital and social into this promotion, I think the lobster bib t-shirt is the highlight of my career thus far.


Art Direction, Concept, & Design
Copywriter: Emily Goldenberg
Designer: Sarah Finsel
Creative Directors: Ron Castillo (Executive Creative Director, Jan Egan (Executive Creative Director), Justin Levin, & Jon Sayegh
Agency: Grey New York


We're all family here. And there, too.


For just under two years—and during a rebranding—I was an art director on the Olive Garden account which allowed me to bring the brand into many different mediums. From Times Square, to the web, to television, my job was to make sure the brand's messa... I've already lost you, haven't I?



Times Square Digital Billboard


Olive Garden Website
I was tasked with art directing and overseeing the implementation of Olive Garden's desktop and mobile website to reflect its new branding.


Feel Better, Tylenol

My first job in advertising was to design the website for Tylenol's "Feel Better" campaign. Once finished, I designed several interactive pieces for the brand that ranged from banner ads to online video interstitials.


Full Website Re-design
Unfortunately lost in the sands of time, the website I designed for the Feel Better campaign is no longer live.


I'm gellin' like...

To help promote Dr. Scholl's custom-fit orthotics, we suggested people choose their outrageously comfortable doppelgänger and then share it with their friends.

  Art Direction, Concept, & Design Copywriter: Bryan Windham Agency: Havas New York


Art Direction, Concept, & Design
Copywriter: Bryan Windham
Agency: Havas New York


Brew Truth

After Miller-Coors announced their merger, Deutsch was asked to create a site for Anheuser Busch in response to showcase how it was the only major American brewery left. Shortly before the site was to go live, Anheuser Busch agreed to be bought by InBev, a Belgian company.


Art Direction & Design
Creative Directors: George Decker
Agency: Deutsch New York


"They're all kickers!"

Famed adman Donny Deutsch asked me to do a few things over the years: He asked me to create his website; he asked me to design his book cover; he asked me to come up with some lines for his debate with Piers Morgan; and, he asked me to be the Godfather of his first born child. Okay, so that last one is a lie. But, the others happened.


My lines start at the 1:00 mark.

A Hail Mary to get to the game


EDGE Shave Gel started a Twitter campaign revolving around the hashtag #soirritating, which allowed users to tweet the brand their irritations and EDGE would try to help out. I decided to aim high and tweet them my irritation of not having tickets to the sold out Patriots-Jets game. I ended up going to the game, thanks to EDGE.

Afterwards, I was contacted by several news outlets to share my story detailing how I used social media to connect with a brand, culminating with an interview with Advertising Age.

Selected Press
Edge Shave Gel Uses Twitter for Random Acts of Kindness (Advertising Age)
Man Tweets Irritations, Receives Free Tickets to Jets-Patriots Game (AOL News)
A Shave Gel Company Is Marketing at the Edge (Talent Zoo)
Patriots Fan Gets Free Tickets to Jets Game from Edge (Patriots Propaganda)


A What's What


Matthew W. DeCoste

Matt grew up in West Roxbury, Massachusetts and started his career in advertising after graduating from Northeastern University with a degree in Media Arts and Design. He quickly learned that professionals write about their careers in the third person, an unfortunate trend he is unwilling to buck.

In the winter of 2006, he moved to New York City to work for Deutsch New York as a digital designer. His major contribution was designing TYLENOL's website during the "Feel Better" campaign. 

After a stint at Havas Worldwide, he joined Grey New York, in 2012, as an art director to work on the Red Lobster "Sea Food Differently" campaign. While at Grey he provided art direction for clients such as Olive Garden, Marriott, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He won a Cannes Lion, in 2015, for his part in putting Kevin Bacon in a commercial for the American Egg Board.

In late 2015 he joined IBM's iX division as an Associate Design Director designing interfaces and prototypes for the automotive and aviation sectors—most notably for ExxonMobil, General Motors, and Boeing. He went to Apple's campus in Cupertino and participated in their MobileFirst for iOS workshop; he also earned his Practioner badge in IBM's Design Thinking program. 

Matt spends his time outside of work writing and taking photographs for this site, holding his breath that one day he will become a big, mega-rich icon as a result.

He lives with his wife, Sarah, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.




IBM (New York) 2015-
Grey Group (New York) 2011-2015
Havas Worldwide (New York) - 2010-2011
Deutsch, Inc. (New York) - 2007-2010
Freelance AKQA (New York) - 2006
Freelance ATTIK (New York) - 2005

2015 Cannes Lion (Bronze)

Selected Client List
American Egg Board / Anheuser-Busch / AOL / Coca-Cola / Darden Concepts, Inc. (Olive Garden & Red Lobster)  /  Dr. Scholl's / Exxon Mobil Corporation  /  General Motors  /  Marriott International / Michael J. Fox Foundation / NESTLE / PNC Bank / University of Pittsburgh Medical Center  / USAA

Northeastern University - 2000-2004
BS, Media Arts and Design


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